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What is is a classified-style ads, where the goods/services is free publish online. The seller and buyer will communicate, negotiate the price and make the deal.
SELLER 5-Mins Tips BUYER 5-Mins Tips
SELLER 5-Mins Tips
Why I have to verify my contact number?
A verified account will just give you the convenience where your ad will published online immediately just after your ad uploaded.
Post Free Ad
Step 1: Click on the top-right corner to post your ad
Step 2: Drag the pictures from your desktop.
Step 3: Click ‘Submit’ after you have the information filled in and your ad will published.
Why my ad had not been published?
If your ad had not been published, there are two possible reasons:
  • Your ad has not checked by our ad checker yet.
  • Your ad has not been approved because it does not adhere to our Rules and Regulation of Advertising.
Please check your email to ensure that we have sent you the instructions on how to re-post your ad.
Why the ad disappear from the
There could be some your ad content does not adhere to our Rules and Regulation of Advertising.
How long will my ad published online?
It will be published for 60 days unless you choose to delete it before the 60 days from your ad management.
Why my email address is not visible in my ad?
Your email address is hidden in your ad is to protect you from receiving any spam emails.
Can I use HTML-code and URLs in my ad?
Sorry, you are not allow to have any scripting in your ad.
How the buyer communicate with me?
The buyer who see your ad will message/call you if you choose to publish your phone with the ad. Alternatively, the buyer will send you a FTZ message where you can read the message in the “My Account” section.
** An email notification will send to your email whenever a buyer leave a message to you.
How can I check my messages to reply?
Firstly, sign in to Once you had signed in, look for the "earth" icon in header. Underneath it is a link that will take you to your inbox, where you will see all you messages that you had received for your ads. If you click on the message, you will see the full message and an option button to Reply.

How can I make changes to my ad?
You can login to your account and go to “My Ads”. Then you will see ad listing for editing. Please be informed that your ad will require to re-checking by our ad checker if the edited ad was being rejected previously.
How can I delete my ad?
Go to your account section and click the “My Ads”, then just click the delete button to remove the ad you wished to delete.

BUYER 5-Mins Tips
As a buyer, how can I contact a seller?
You may contact the seller using one of the ways below:
  • Call or SMS the seller directly if the phone number is provided by the seller
  • Send a private message (PM) to the seller and wait for the seller to reply
Ad Search Tips:
We have no guideline to provide because we strongly believe that is user friendly. You are able to do the search without any guidelines.

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